Mentor Month Spotlight: Savannah

Savannah has been a student at Theatre Arts Training (TAT) since April 2013. Beginning that first day, she found the belonging and acceptance she longed for outside of our home. We like to say she “found her people” that day. TAT provides a productive outlet for her abundance of energy and flair for the dramatic. It is where she can be herself – share her ideas, develop characters that interest her and make friends who share her love of theatre.

The influence of TAT touches all facets of her life. Each class adds another block to Savannah’s foundation and her fundamental skills grow with each session. The teaching artists at TAT provide a safe, supportive place for her to practice and refine these skills and challenge her to grow. Learning to collaborate and compromise with peers through TAT has been enlightening for her. Discovering that she can have a good idea, but it can become a great idea by working with others, is priceless. These are not just theatre skills; they are life skills that she is using every day.

Of all the amazing teaching artists at TAT, Chris Zappa stands out as her favorite. Chris connected with Savannah immediately and knew instinctively how to challenge her and channel her energy into productivity. Chris’ unique ability to embrace each child’s individuality and artfully weave their ideas together into an engaging lesson or performance is inspiring. She makes every student feel special and welcome at TAT.

Savannah Interview:
Mom: What is your favorite thing about TAT?
Savannah: Being able to be myself – share my ideas, create characters that interest me…and making friends.
Mom: Tell me about something that you learned at TAT that you apply outside of theatre class.
Savannah: That my ideas aren’t the only ideas and sometimes the best result comes from taking pieces of everyone’s ideas to make something even better.
Mom: So, you learned how to collaborate and compromise?
Savannah: Yeah…Wait! What’s ‘collaborate’?
Mom: Working with other people to make something from everyone’s ideas.
Savannah: Oh…then yeah.
Mom: Anything else you learned?
Savannah: Always face your audience and use your diaphragm to project your voice so your audience can hear you
Mom: Have you had a problem with people hearing you?
Savannah: No.
Mom: I didn’t think so.
Mom: What makes Chris Zappa your favorite teacher?
Savannah: Chris always lets me be me. She doesn’t try to make me bottle it all up inside – she is the best teacher.
Papa: Chris has a unique ability to let kids be themselves and yet guide them back into the activity. Immerses everyone into the story and engages fully in where they want to go.