The Arrival at the New Visions/New Voices workshop

CTC recently participated in the prestigious New Visions/New Voices workshop at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. with The Arrival, a new play in development based on the graphic novel by Shaun Tan about a man who leaves his family to build a new life for them in a new world.

The New Visions/New Voices project takes place every two years and is by invitation only. The project is dedicated to developing new plays and musicals for youth and families.

“Every day we would stage as many pages as we could, choreographing this book. We asked ourselves: how do you use the suitcases to create his apartment, the boat, the airships? How can the suitcases be used as an object of transformation, to stand for everything from food dispensers to kitchen tables to row boats to trains?” explained CTC Artistic Director Peter Brosius.

Conceived and created by Peter C. Brosius and Jocelyn Clarke, The Arrival is told through movement, music and visual projections and is the story of a man in search of a new life for himself and his family. Equipped with a group of talented actors and a pile of suitcases, the team got to work exploring the world of Shaun Tan’s graphic novel and its story of immigration and the search for home.

“A workshop like New Visions/New Voices challenges you to put the work up in front of an audience. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to have wonderful conversations with international colleagues about what was working and what wasn’t, as well as discuss what’s happening in the field of theatre for young people. It was very inspiring,” said CTC Artistic Director Peter Brosius.

This is the fifth project that CTC has worked on in the New Visions/New Voices workshops. The last project was this season’s The Scarecrow and His Servant.