Victor Zupanc Celebrates 25 years with CTC

We are thrilled to celebrate Victor Zupanc, CTC’s Music Director, on his 25th season at the theatre. Victor has worked on more than 250 productions as Composer, Musical Director, and Sound Designer throughout the country. His music has been heard in China, Japan, South America, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Victor answered a few questions about his work at the theatre.

What has been your favorite moment at CTC over the past 25 years?
I consider my job to be the best job in the world. I grow so much with every show and this work continues to feed my soul. If I had to pick one show that continues to bring me great joy, it would have to be Cinderella. It was my first big show when I arrived at CTC in 1989. I was blown away by the sheer magic and power of that production which I ended up doing three times over ten years. Then we changed the show and updated it into the newest version for which I composed a new musical score. This new adaptation is equally beautiful and absolutely hilarious. I love interacting from the pit with our incredible acting company. I also loved composing for and performing in Romeo and Juliet. That was one of the most unique and amazing productions I have ever been involved in.

Has there been a favorite moment this past season for you?
My favorite show this season was Huck Finn. Composing that score in rehearsals with the three actors and our director Greg Banks was sheer joy. What a treat. And audiences loved the production. I loved playing the music on stage with my friend Joe Cruz. And I loved being a dog!

Is it rare to have a resident composer at a theatre?
My position is very rare in American theatre. I don't know of another regional theater in this country with a full time resident Music Director/Composer. It's one thing that sets CTC apart from the hundreds of other theaters in America. I am grateful for this opportunity and I realize fully how integral my position is here. Every show we do has an extremely important music and sound element. It's one reason why our storytelling is strong.

How do you feel your experiences working in music and working at CTC have been beneficial to you over the past 25 years?
I owe much to CTC. I met my wife at CTC and raised my two daughters here. CTC has opened many doors to me in the arts community. I feel very blessed to have given joy to so many people over the years.

Here’s what a few of CTC’s Facebook fans had to say on the occasion of Victor’s anniversary:
“Wonderful. Victor is a masterful musician. Congratulations!” –Kelly S.
“He is extremely talented…Love his musical gift” – Amy M .
“He was awesome! The kids loved him!” – Carrie S.
“We loved him in Busytown!” – Ana R.
“Victor rocks! Congratulations!” – Kyle C.