A Spotlight on Student Actor, Christine Hwang

Meet Christine Hwang! Christine played Martha in the 2015 TAT Senior Intensive production of Spring Awakening. Since participating in the Senior Intensive, she continued to be involved at CTC by joining the cast of CTC’s production of Wizard of Oz. We sat down to hear about her experience in the Senior Intensive and her advice to anyone auditioning for the Intensive program this summer.

Theatre Arts Training’s Senior Intensive provides students with demanding material that seeks to challenge them as artists, educate them in a professional setting, and inspire them to be active voices in their community. It is designed for actors with a commitment to refining their craft and demonstrated positive work ethic. This year, the Senior Intensive will be tackling Bat Boy the Musical directed by Genevieve Bennett.

Click here to find out more about TAT’s Intensive Program and to sign up for an audition slot.  

- How did you become interested in theatre?​

I switched schools and wanted to meet new people through an activity. I had been involved in choir for a while, and a friend suggested theatre to me. After my first show, I stuck with it and have loved it since!

- What are your future plans/goals?

My plans post-graduation include education at a university. I am leaning towards a linguistics major, but I am also playing with the idea of a possible double major in musical theatre. I hope to continue theatre in my future!

- How has this experience challenged you and prepared you for your next steps in life?

The experience challenged me to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to a goal, or in TAT's case, a piece of work. The vocals, choreography and dramaturgy alone were extremely difficult material, motivating my peers and I to work diligently. On top of that, the staff challenged us to go further than the book, score and staging allowed. Throughout the process we never settled for less, and devoted ourselves to every rehearsal and performance.  By undergoing this experience, I learned how to use this new found passion and dedication to accomplish new goals.

- How has being involved in TAT taught you about yourself as a person and as an artist?

Being involved in TAT revealed the importance of responsibility. As a person, you have certain responsibilities you take on in order to fulfill the duties in your life and other's lives as well. As an artist, you hold the responsibility of telling a story and spreading a message. To be given the responsibility of performing a show and sharing a story is a difficult task to take on, and during TAT we were reminded of that. By learning to value the responsibility as an artist, I have also learned to value the responsibilities I have as a person.

-Describe one of the most rewarding experiences you have had in the Senior Intensive.

One of the most rewarding experiences I had during TAT was being treated as a professional. As high school students, it is hard to find and experience professionalism in the rehearsal room. The senior intensive brought that professional experience to us. Instead of being directed as students, we were directed as young professionals. We were expected to complete our work and constantly challenge ourselves and each other. With the professional experience, we gained responsibility, trust, and formed even stronger bonds with each other when creating the production together. 

- What advice do you have for people thinking of auditioning?

Come into the audition with an open mind, and have fun! Going into the audition I was extremely nervous, given that it was also my first audition outside of my high school. It wasn't until I went through the process that I realized how much knowledge and experience I was gaining. On top of that, I met a lot of new people and made a lot of great friends, all of which I am still in contact with! I honestly learned a lot by going into the audition with an open mind and also allowing myself to enjoy the time I was given.

Overall, there were so many experiences with TAT that I am so grateful for. With TAT I found a second home, and enjoyed every minute with my new found family at CTC. I met incredible new friends, made memories as well as gained so much knowledge during my six weeks in the 3M Rehearsal room. My experience with TAT is irreplaceable and is one I will always treasure!

Photo by Dan Norman