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Behind the Scenes of ‘Cinderella’

Posted on January 30, 2020


Our production team is hard at work bringing to life the magical and grand Victorian world of Cinderella. Enjoy this special behind-the-curtain glimpse of the marvelous sets and lush costumes, designed by Eduardo Sicangco, being refreshed for Cinderella performances beginning November 3!

It takes months of designing, planning, and creating to bring the world of Cinderella to life onstage. CTC’s Costume Director Amy Kitzhaber leads the costume department. Her work has been featured at the Tony Awards®, television, Broadway stages, and she has even dressed Beyoncé. On her team there are cutters, drapers, first hands, craft artisans, painters, dyers, a wardrobe assistant, and a wig master! In Cinderella there are hundreds of costume pieces and most actors have multiple, quick costume changes during speedy scene transitions. Collectively, the team spends hundreds of hours to ensure the costumes of Cinderella are magical! Do you recognize any costume pieces for previous renditions?

This holiday hit is coming back to the stage in this raucous production updated to wondrously wacky perfection. CTC turns this classic fairy tale on its head with side-splitting physical comedy and enough romance and splendor to soften hearts and inspire audiences of all ages to seek their happily ever after. Don’t wait —get your tickets before they are gone!

Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) is the nation’s largest and most masterra acclaimed theatre for multigenerational audiences. It creates theatre experiences that educate, challenge, and inspire more than 295,000 people annually.

— Article and shop photos by Tyler Quam