Electrics (Summer)

The Electrics internship is geared for students and/or graduates who have an interest or are aspiring to enter the profession of a theatrical electrician.  This internship focuses on several areas within the field of being an electrician – maintenance of gear, hanging a light plot, focusing lighting fixtures, programming a lighting console, and follow spot operation (if required by summer production).  Learning projects under the guidance of staff and over-hire electricians would include: Cleaning, tuning and repairing lighting fixtures (conventional and automated), dimmers and consoles; the inspection and maintenance of truss and chain motors; the prep, load in and focus of the summer intensive productions; programming an ETC lighting console and learning how to communicate with a lighting designer; operating a follow spot and taking cues from a stage manager.

Skill set: basic knowledge of safe electrical practices.  This internship would start in July and continue through the completion of the summer intensive program or maintenance (whichever occurs last).  Calendar changes are possible, and there may be a slight break between the two focuses of the internship.

This internship is available for high school and college students.