Paint (Fall/Winter/Spring)

The goal of an internship in Paint is to observe and paint alongside the Charge Artist and learn advanced techniques using a variety of materials.  We have two paint shops, one with a 28' by 43' paint frame and the other with a 50' by 40' paint deck.  Interns will have experience on both depending on the show requirements.

There is a single internship available per show build period.  In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested minimum time commitment is 6 weeks at 32 hours a week during normal shop hours (Monday through Friday/7:30am – 4:00pm).  This internship can be longer if the intern is interested and this is strongly encouraged since more than one show will give a greater diversity in techniques.  Show projects could consist of work with scrims, drops, translucencies, faux finishes, texturing, color mixing, and carving depending on the needs of the design.

The intern must have prior experience in a theatre environment (i.e. college or community theatre) and an art background.  Prior experience on drops is a plus but not necessary.  Must have taken drawing classes and scenic art classes, or must have extensive experience to make up for the lack of introductory training.

Positions will only be offered upon portfolio review and an interview with the Charge Artist.