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Costume Design
Costume Production
Education: Neighborhood Bridges
Education: Theatre Arts Training
Marketing & Communications
Play Licensing: Plays for Young Audiences
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Assistant Lighting Design

The Assistant Lighting Design (ALD) internship is geared for students and/or graduates who are aspiring to enter the profession of design (or assisting) and looking to deepen their experience by observing and participating in a production at a professional regional theatre. While at Children’s Theatre Company (CTC), this intern will observe the work of the Lighting Supervisor and the production lighting designer through being at the tech table with the lighting designer during the tech process. Learning projects will include tracking moving lights, follow spot cueing, focus charts during focus, and plot and paperwork updates during load in and tech. CTC’s Lighting Supervisor and Master Electrician will help guide and work with the ALD to improve upon communication, organizational, and software based skills.

Skill sets required for consideration: working knowledge of Vectorworks, Lightwright, and Excel. Lighting design or assistant lighting design experience preferred.

This internship is potentially available on all of our productions, and any one intern is not limited to just one production. The specific dates will be tied to each production’s schedule and will begin about a week prior to tech and go through opening (3 week commitment).

Costume Design
An internship in the Children’s Theatre Company Costume Shop is for the person seriously considering a career in costume design. For the Costume Design internship, you need to be a graduate Costume Design student or higher. The goal of this internship is to give young designers a sense of what it takes to get from the page to the stage. Learning projects include: Organizing design bibles; swatches; assisting with shopping, ordering and tracking; keeping up with fittings notes and needs; helping to set up and take down fittings; attending dress rehearsals. Portfolio review required.

In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested time commitment is 40 hours a week plus attendance at dress rehearsals outside of regular shop hours. A stay for a whole season or a semester will allow the intern to be exposed to different designer approaches and resultant varying construction techniques. Shorter stays are also negotiable. The Costume Shop work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Costume Production
Costume Production Internships are available in the costume shop where the intern would observe and be mentored in basic and advanced costume construction methods by a professional staff of Cutter/Draper/Tailors and 1st Hands. In the Costume Crafts Department the intern would observe and be mentored by a professional staff of Crafts Artisan/Milliners, a Painter/Dyer and a Wig Master.

An internship in the Children’s Theatre Company Costume or Crafts Shop is for the person seriously considering a career in costume production/construction or costume crafts. For the Costume Production internships, you need to be a Junior or Senior undergraduate or graduate Costume Production or Design student or higher.

The goal of this internship is to give young artists a sense of what it takes to get from the page to the stage. Learning projects might include: review of basic sewing techniques, pattern draping, drafting and fitting. In Crafts additional projects in various techniques including millinery, jewelry making, shoe modification and fabric painting and dying. Opportunities to observe wig construction and maintenance would also be available. Portfolio review required.

In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested time commitment is 40 hours a week. A stay for a whole season or a semester will allow the intern to be exposed to different designer approaches and resultant in varying construction techniques. Shorter stays are also negotiable. The Costume Shop work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Development Development internships are designed for individuals interested in learning more about the field of resource development (raising contributions from individual donors, foundations, corporations, and government agencies). Depending on the time of year and current CTC needs, interns may assist the development team with research, data management, donor communications, office support, coordination and implementation of special events, and special projects. The position requires strong organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

A directing internship is a professional learning experience for early career applicants with pertinent training and skills. In addition to the internship application and recommendations, an interview may be required (an in-person interview is preferred but a telephone interview may suffice). We are seeking those who are upper level undergraduates (junior or senior) or those who have already attained their undergraduate degree to apply.

It is important to note that the experience of a directing intern is entirely dependent upon the process of the production's director; therefore, the nature of each internship may vary widely. Directing interns begin their assignment on (or before) the first rehearsal date of the production and the suggested commitment then continues through the opening performance or understudy rehearsal (scheduled shortly after the official opening). The period of time may vary from about four weeks to two months, depending upon the production schedule. The rehearsal day is typically 8 to 10 hours a day, six days a week. Some days span a twelve hour time period. Mondays are the customary day off.

Assignments are made on an on-going basis.

The Dramaturgy/Literary internship at CTC offers the opportunity to observe the field of new play development, literary management and dramaturgical research, script analysis and production support. It also provides an opportunity to participate in myriad activities associated with the functioning of a dramaturgy/literary department of a professional theatre.

The duties of each intern vary, but a general list of potential learning projects includes: reading and evaluating new scripts; corresponding with playwrights, agents and literary managers, conducting library and archival research; dramatic text analysis, editing and compiling different editions of a script; and observing new play development workshops and rehearsals.

The ideal candidate should have strong writing and communication skills, a strong background in literature (especially drama), and experience in research. Candidates should also have a special interest in the process of transforming a written play into theatrical productions. Word processing skills and basic computer competence are helpful. We are seeking those who are upper level undergraduates (junior or senior) or those who have already attained their undergraduate degree to apply.

Education: Neighborhood Bridges
As part of the Center for Innovation in Theatre Education, the Neighborhood Bridges program internships are designed for students who are interested in how storytelling, theatre and creative writing are used to empower students to become animators of their own lives.

Learning projects/events may include: Bridges Day, scenic artist sessions, the Crossing Bridges Festival, Bridges conference and assessments and evaluation projects with the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement at the University of Minnesota. For further information regarding the program, please refer to our website at

The Interns will observe the Community Engagement team (Neighborhood Bridges Program Director, Director of Community Engagement, Community Engagement Manager, and East Metro Coordinator) as well as the Bridges teaching artist staff.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or current enrollment in theatre, education, or arts degree program; enthusiastic and self motivated individual with strong ability to build relationships with diverse communities; working knowledge of theatre education and public schools are plus; excellent organizational skills, time management and attention to detail; strong oral and written communications; able to work collaboratively on project teams. Neighborhood Bridge Interns must be able to travel to off-site meetings and programs.

Education: Theatre Arts Training
Theatre Arts Training (TAT) offers school-year classes and summer camps for students ages 2-18 (4-18 in the summer). Our classes range from beginning exploration to advanced training with an emphasis on process and skill development. As part of CTC’s commitment to access, TAT’s classes and camps are available to all students of all abilities.

The Theatre Arts Training Teaching Internship provides professional theatre teaching artist training for undergraduate and graduate students as well as early career educators (find opportunities for high school students here). Through observations, mentor guidance, trainings, supervisor-feedback and in-class practicums, interns gain experience in classroom-management, lesson-creation and instruction for students ages 2-18.

Our academic year program features classes in the fall (9 weeks), winter (9 weeks) and spring (6 weeks). Interns are welcome to join us for just one session, but for the greatest impact and rigor we highly recommend interning for 2-3 consecutive sessions. Learning projects for the interns will include: classroom warm-ups and exercises, small group work and the overall success of classroom experience.

The ideal candidate will have a commitment to theatre and sincere interest in sharing this experience with young people. Strong communication skills, ability to function as a member of a team, adaptability and creative problem-solving skills are essential. General knowledge of the theatre, youth development , educational process and administration are preferred.

2014-2015 DATES:
Fall: September 22-November 22
Winter: January 19-March 21
Spring: April 6-May 16

Marketing & Communications
This position will involve observing all aspects of Children’s Theatre Company’s marketing efforts. Learning projects will include: planning and implementation of marketing materials - both viral and print - budgeting, event planning, press releases, social media coordination and audience cultivation events.

The intern should have strong computer skills, the ability to multi-task, strong communication and organizational skills and problem solving skills. Proficiency in writing and editing as well as familiarity with social media platforms is a must. Adaptability and a need to achieve are a plus. Enthusiasm for the arts is necessary to understand the relationship between the theater and the community. Seeking those who are upper level undergraduates (junior or senior) or those who have already attained their degree to apply.

An internship in music would provide the opportunity to observe alongside the resident Music Director/Composer in rehearsals for the various productions at the Children's Theatre Company. Duties may include accompanying rehearsals on piano and helping to teach songs to actors. Useful skills would be music copying work on Finale or Sibelius. Intern should have at least a bachelor’s degree in music and a sincere desire to spend countless hours in the rehearsal room. There is also opportunity to assist in recording sessions. nowledge of ProTools is a plus.

This music internship could take place anytime between August and June (inclusive). In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested time commitment is a minimum six weeks/one full rehearsal period.

The goal of an internship in Paint is to observe and paint alongside the Charge Artist and learn advanced techniques using a variety of materials. We have two paint shops, one with a 28' by 43' paint frame and the other with a 50' by 40' paint deck. Interns will have experience on both depending on the show requirements.

There is a single internship available per show build period. In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested minimum time commitment is 6 weeks at 32 hours a week during normal shop hours (Monday through Friday/7:30am – 4:00pm). This internship can be longer if the intern is interested and this is strongly encouraged since more than one show will give a greater diversity in techniques. Show projects could consist of work with scrims, drops, translucencies, faux finishes, texturing, color mixing, and carving depending on the needs of the design.

The intern must have prior experience in a theatre environment (i.e. college or community theatre) and an art background. Prior experience on drops is a plus but not necessary. Must have taken drawing classes and scenic art classes, or must have extensive experience to make up for the lack of introductory training.

Positions will only be offered upon portfolio review and an interview with the Charge Artist.

Play Licensing: Plays for Young Audiences
Plays for Young Audiences (PYA) is a partnership venture between the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis (CTC) and Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT), the two leading theatres for young people in the nation. This intern will learn about the management and licensing of literary properties. The ideal applicant would have a proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel and Outlook, as well as Adobe Acrobat. Knowledge of design software (such as Adobe Illustrator) and QuickBooks a plus but not required.

Interns will learn about providing a high level of customer service and response time to script licensing requests, royalty quotes, perusal script orders, and other customer questions/concerns. Other learning projects include developing marketing materials and customer research.

In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested time commitment is 8-10 hours per week for 10-12 weeks.

Production Management
A production management intern will have the opportunity to observe alongside the production managers as they oversee all production departments in facilitating the realization of the director and designers’ vision for each production. Learn about the day-to-day running of the production office, observe technical rehearsals and attend production meetings.

Intern candidate should be strongly considering a career in management or administration. Coursework or experience in summer theatre setting highly desired.

Hours in the department are flexible depending on the time of season the intern is available. In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested time commitment is 40 hours a week for at least 2 months.

The goal of an internship in the Scene Shop is to observe and learn theatrical scenery building skills, under the guidance of the Technical Director and alongside professional staff carpenters. You will learn how to use a variety of materials and tools during a typical build, load in and strike of a show. A stay for a semester or a whole season will allow the intern to be exposed to different scenic designs and resultant varying construction techniques. Interns may focus on carpentry, or on Technical Direction skills.

Basic scenery construction skills and prior experience in a professional or educational theatrical environment are prerequisites to acceptance into the internship program. For applicants interested in carpentry, one must be comfortable with basic woodworking and pneumatic tools. Welding skills are a plus but not required. For those interested in Technical Direction, drafting experience is a plus. Your work at the Children’s Theatre Company will help to develop these skills to the high quality level required in the professional theater. We are seeking those who are upper level undergraduates (junior or senior) or those who have already attained their undergraduate degree to apply.

Internships are potentially available at any time during our regular season, from early July through the end of April. In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested time commitment is between 20 and 40 hours a week. The Scene Shop work schedule is Monday through Friday, 7:00am – 3:30pm.

Stage Management
The stage management intern experience at Children's Theatre Company (CTC) is set up to give the intern an internal view of the rehearsal process of a professional regional theatre.

The stage management intern will observe the daily duties of CTC’s stage management team: the set up of the rehearsal hall, both the overall and the daily production paperwork, the running of the rehearsals themselves and the outside communication and collaboration with the designers and production staff. The intern also has a unique opportunity to look at how a director puts a show together – from the rehearsal process to production/design meetings to technical rehearsals to previews to opening night.

Intern candidates must have substantial previous stage management experience with a college, community, or professional theatre.

Since the production schedule is intense and very strenuous, a strong commitment to a career in theater is necessary. The stage management schedule is based on a six-day work week. Rehearsals can run from 11am to 9pm with a dinner break – times may vary depending on the cast and artistic team. Interns may work hours on either end of this schedule to do preparatory work. The internship takes place during the rehearsal period only and completes on opening night. Interns may be invited to stay and participate in understudy rehearsals post-opening. EMC points can be available for this internship.

Properties (Summer)

The properties intern experience at Children's Theatre Company (CTC) is set up to give the intern an internal view of the props process of a professional regional theatre.

The properties intern will observe the daily duties of CTC’s prop shop team: Experience the development of the play from creating the prop list from the script, attend meetings with the directors and designers, pull props for rehearsal and research for information and images, attend production meetings and tech.

The properties internship will start at the beginning of July and run through the closing of the Theatre Arts Training senior performances, mid-August.


Assistant Choreographer (Summer)

Theatre Arts Training’s pre-professional programming offers two Summer Intensives. These audition-only, performance opportunities for 5 – 12th graders are staged in our flexible, 300-seat space led by our professional teaching and production staff. Interns have an intensive, hands-on experience and learn their craft by practicing side by side with our staff of directors, designers, choreographers, production personnel, and union crew. 

The Assistant Choreography Intern experience at CTC is designed to expose undergraduate, graduate, and early career dancers and choreographers to an internal view of the rehearsal process of a professional regional theatre with youth.

The Assistant Choreographer Intern will attend all rehearsals, production meetings, performances, and strike. Learning projects may include: notating choreography, leading warm-ups, running and cleaning choreography, providing feedback to actors, creating combinations, or choreographing specific numbers. The Assistant Choreographer Intern will supervise actors before and after rehearsals, during lunches and breaks, and help backstage during performance. This internship also requires one week working in a TAT summer camp classroom to become familiar with TAT policy, procedure, and working with youth. The ideal candidate will have several years dance experience and some dance/choreography experience at the college level or above. Experience with youth is preferred.

Summer 2020 productions will be listed in January 2020. 


Development/Special Events Internship (Summer-Fall 2019)
The Development Internship is designed for individuals interested in learning more about the field of resource development, with a concentration on special events.  The ideal candidate for the internship will have exceptional organization, communication and interpersonal skills. This internship runs from May 28, 2019 through September 13, 2019 but is somewhat flexible.

Internship Activities:

  • Assist with the coordination and implementation of the Curtain Call Ball—annual gala fundraiser—which will be held on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at Children’s Theatre Company. Learning outcomes: event planning, communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, attention to detail, and time management.
  • Solicitation and acceptance of silent/live/online auction donations. This could include assistance with research, solicitation mailings, solicitation calls, entering donations into Auction Harmony (donation tracking software), and assisting the auction committees in the collection & presentation of the items. Learning outcomes: fundraising strategies/implementation, communication skills, database management, organization, and interpersonal relations.
  • Input data, database clean-up and creation of reports for department. Learning outcomes: database management and analysis
  • Serve on the Curtain Call Ball Committee, Auction Subcommittee, and the Communications Subcommittee. Learning outcomes: communication, interpersonal relations, and leadership skills
  • Implement and execute a socia media campaign in tandem with CTC's marketing department. Learning outcomes: communication and writing skills, social media strategy, and marketing skills.
  • Other duties as assigned.

To ensure an optimal experience, the following is required of the intern:

  • Able to work 24 hours per week in June and July and 32 hours in August and September.
  • Must be able to attend the Curtain Call Ball on September 7, 2019
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel 
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Good interpersonal communications skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Comfortable with social media, experience managing and marketing events on Facebook preferred but not required
  • Prior event experience preferred but not required.

Travel and Expense Allowance:
To assist the intern with the costs associated with travel and other internship related expenses (e.g. appropriate event attire, as the event is black-tie/cocktail attire), CTC will provide a $1,200 stipend for 16 weeks of service. If internship time extends past the original 16 weeks, the stipend amount will be raised appropriately. Limited time off will be granted if arranged at the start of internship. Sick time may be taken when appropriate.


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