CTC’s Staff/Artist Diversity and Inclusion Survey and ACT One:

New this season, CTC’s ACT One is a cohesive platform for increasing access, diversity, and inclusion in our audiences, our programs, our staff, and our board. Upon its launch, ACT One was distributed on paper to all staff and lives as a downloadable PDF on our website. All CTC staff and artists are asked to become familiar with and join CTC’s commitment to ACT One.

ACT One is led by three committees. The Staff/Artist Diversity and Inclusion committee includes CTC staff and artists from diverse areas in the company. This committee was tasked with establishing a baseline so we may measure progress annually.

The committee reviewed many tools and approaches for measuring CTC’s diversity profile, and settled on the simplest - to measure progress according to the goals of ACT One.

What will this survey ask?
The survey asks for voluntary self-identification by: peoples of color, people with disabilities, LGBT. These are identified in ACT One as areas of focus for greater diversity and inclusion in order to truly represent our community. Self-identification is essential, as is anonymity. The survey asks some questions about your household because of the nature of our institution and the household diversity that could get missed if we were to focus exclusively on individuals. This has never been done before!

The results will be reviewed by the ACT One Diversity and Inclusion and HR committees, shared with you all, and shared in the field with organizations such as the Theatre Communications Group (TCG)’s Diversity and Inclusion Institute. The organization of results will be by functional area, with a small number of areas so that individuals are included within a group (i.e. as opposed to by department, given that some departments have only 1 person!).

Why are we doing this?
ACT One can only be effective if we have measurable outcomes. As excerpted below, ACT One makes a commitment to some kind of measurement tool. CTC needs to measure outcomes in order to meet our tangible goals of including a wider range of those who have been traditionally excluded in our field. Similar surveys will be delivered to our audience (for shows and classes/camps) and Board.
CTC will measure success when our audiences, classes and camps, staff, artists, and board include more people from a wider range of:

What does CTC hope to accomplish with this survey and with ACT One?
TRANSFORMATION: CTC will transform into a more diverse and inclusive organization. To stay vibrant and true to our vision, CTC will regularly assess our established practices, messaging, and habits to see how and where we must change. CTC will foster a culture of curiosity that confronts conscious and subconscious discrimination and exclusion and celebrates diversity in our work, our audience, ourselves. Success will be measured when every area of our institution represents and includes a wider range of economic status, race, ethnicity, people with disabilities, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and when we know our work’s relevance to our community. Live theatre has the power to transform lives, and CTC is committed to being an agent of change both internally and externally.

Please contact any member of CTC’s ACT One Staff/Artist Diversity Committee with questions or your valuable feedback.
Deb Girdwood
Genoveva CastaƱeda
Kiyoko Sims
Katie Albright
Anton Jones
Jen Ritter
Elissa Adams
Ellen Baker
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