CTC Partners with YouthFarm

CTC recently partnered with YouthFarm, a youth development organization that builds leadership skills through the food it grows in its community gardens. Together, CTC and Lyndale Youth Farmers created a special event surrounding Seedfolks. After visiting a rehearsal, Youth Farmers attended a performance, led a talkback with the audience and shared food from their harvest.

“I heard and saw a high level of youth ownership over their roles. They were incredibly proud to share their experience at YouthFarm. We had some great conversations after the show about how Seedfolks reflects our own work.”
– Phil Rooney, YouthFarm Lyndale Neighborhood Program Director
This was a unique partnership that allowed Youth Farmers a glimpse into the theatrical process and provided an opportunity for them to use art as a way to engage the public about their work.

This partnership was part of our ACT One initiative. Learn more here.