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Audiences at Children's Theatre Company


ACT One is a promise to ourselves and to our community

ACT One is CTC’s cohesive platform for access, diversity, and inclusion in our audiences, our programs, our staff, and our board. Three interdependent words of action guide our commitment to a future when our theatre is a home for all people, all families, reflective of our community: Access, Connect, Transform.

CTC believes that the theatre can be a powerful force to illuminate connections, create common bonds, and to transform lives by building bridges to empathy, understanding, inclusion, and opportunity. Historically, many have been excluded from participating in the theatre due to implications of racism, discrimination, bias, and classism. The cost of tickets, accessibility for those with disabilities, and a lack of welcome and invitation to communities of color have created further barriers, both real and perceived.

As the national leader in the field of theatre for young audiences and their communities, CTC recognizes the urgent need to address these past injustices and inequities on an institutional level. ACT One is our plan to accomplish this internal and external transformation.


The goals of CTC’s Access programs are to identify and mitigate real and perceived barriers to participation for all underserved populations, including cost, transportation, accessibility, language, and unfamiliarity with the value of theatre. Our annual reach through Access is 80,000, more than one-third of our audience each season.

CTC will measure success when our audiences, classes and camps, staff, artists, and board include more people from a wider range of:

  • Economic Status
  • Peoples of Color
  • People with varying abilities
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


CTC will increase the number of deep and ongoing partnerships that we have in the community. Community connections sharpen CTC’s focus on establishing ways that the value and relevance of theatre connects to the assets and needs of our ever-changing community. Over 5,000 attendees each season come to us through connections with diverse service organizations in our community. Every community connection begins as an opportunity for access, and builds when we create opportunities for meaningful, mutually beneficial co-learning and collaboration.

CTC will measure success when we expand, deepen, and sustain community partnerships with organizations representing a wider range of:

  • Economic Status
  • Peoples of Color
  • People with Disabilities
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


CTC will transform into a more diverse and inclusive organization. To stay vibrant and true to our vision, CTC will regularly assess our established practices, messaging, and habits to see how and where we must change. CTC will foster a culture of curiosity that confronts conscious and subconscious discrimination and exclusion, and celebrate diversity in our work, our audience, and ourselves. Success will be measured when every area of our institution represents and includes a wider range of economic status, race, ethnicity, people with disabilities, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and when we know our work’s relevance to our community. Live theatre has the power to transform lives, and CTC is committed to being an agent of change both internally and externally.

Building upon the strengths of past and present work, ACT One moves forward with a cohesive platform to deepen and expand our initiatives, transform CTC and our community, and be the future we imagine.

Company-wide Participation

Transformation requires dedication: time, hard work, and commitment. CTC invites all staff, artists, audience, board, and community members to join us in ACT One: the creation of a more accessible, diverse, and inclusive Children’s Theatre Company.