Financial Assistance

“Without this program, most of our students would have never had the opportunity to experience live theater. I appreciate this more than I can say.”

CTC’s Field Trip program increases equity and inclusion by providing deeply discounted tickets and transportation subsidies for school groups typically excluded from professional arts experiences due to economic disparities. During the 2017-2018 school year, more than 71,000 students and educators attended the theatre with subsidized tickets and 95 schools were granted transportation subsidies.

Thanks to our generous donors, student matinee tickets are available for all educational groups at a significantly lower price than our public performances. Schools with 30% or higher free and reduced lunch enrollment are eligible for further financial assistance. Because we believe that theatre should be accessible to all students, there is no limit to the number of subsidized tickets given to schools each year.

Each school year, a limited number of transportation subsidies are available for school groups with 55% or higher free and reduced lunch rates and/or are located at least 75 miles from CTC. Schools are eligible for up to one transportation subsidy per year. Amount of subsidy depends upon free and reduced lunch enrollment, distance from CTC, and number of buses required.

Schools apply for subsidized tickets and transportation subsidies as a part of the ticket request form.

Contact [email protected] for more information about financial assistance for school groups. Click here for information about the ACT Pass program for individuals and community groups.

For information about the Target Cultural Experiences Program Click here.
Further financial assistance is available through Target’s field trip grants program.

CTC’s Education and Access programming is supported by RBC Wealth Management, Ecolab and Xcel Energy. Thank you!