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Learn from the leading theatre for young audiences wherever you are! CTC’s robust faculty bring their experiences as professional performers, directors, choreographers, fight directors, designers, playwrights, composers, and musicians into your virtual classroom. Our teaching artists are experienced at facilitating engaging and inclusive learning opportunities for students while personalizing each experience to the needs and interests of your students and the learning goals of your classroom.

Click here for Neighborhood Bridges offerings or click here for our Virtual Academy class listings that can also be offered as virtual school residencies.

Not seeing what you are looking for?  Email us at to find the perfect match for your curriculum!

Early Learner Residencies

Sensory Storytime

Recommended for Preschool – grade 1

You choose the theme, and we will bring it to life by exploring a different picture book each week! This storytelling experience is enhanced with a blend of multi-modal sensory engagement experiences and imaginative play that focuses on social-emotional learning, sequencing, and literacy skills.

suggested Sensory Storytime Themes


Dancing Stories

recommended for preschool – grade 2

Strengthen posture, rhythm, and sequencing of events while exploring your favorite stories. Give students kinesthetic anchors for characters, emotions, and story structure while providing a highly beneficial movement break in the midst of their virtual school day.



School-Age Residencies

Scientists’ Laboratory

Recommended for grades 1+

Working as an ensemble, create an original script or class video in the style of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, Magic School Bus or MythBusters. Act out experiments and teach your audience scientific principles as you create a digital piece of theatre.



World Premiere

Recommended for Grades 2+

Collaborate as a classroom on a world premiere digital piece inspired by a core-curriculum topic or theme. World Premiere gives your students the chance to explore a content area of your choosing while inspiring individual and group creation. This project gives students opportunities for creative exploration outside of class through written work, art projects, and video creation. Residency will culminate in an edited video of the students work that can be shared with your school community.

suggested World Premiere Themes 


Internet Improv

Recommended for grades 2+

Make it up as you go! Classic improv games get a new twist while taking advantage of the functionalities of Zoom. With exercises focused collaborating on a shared narrative, this class will challenge your students to trust instincts, make dynamic choices, collaborate, and spontaneously create original characters.



Recommended for grades 4 +

Dive into the living cell by personifying organelles and exploring intercellular relationships to deepen understanding of their function. Use character building, improvisation, and collaboration to create a digital gameshow or reality tv-inspired video of your own creation.



Recommended for middle & high school

Explore the best of the Bard’s verbal sparring and vibrant characters while learning to analyze and perform Shakespeare texts.



Residencies for Neurodivergent Classrooms

While all offerings are available for multi-need students, these offerings are specifically designed for neurodivergent classrooms.


Adventures in Sensory Drama

Use stories from books and your imagination to practice communication, collaboration, and other acting skills to engage in sensory experiences, exercise gross and fine motor skills, and practice mindfulness. To honor and celebrate the diversity of ways individuals of the disability and neurodivergent communities can process and enjoy sensory stimuli, activities are structured to be modified to each student’s sensitivities and interests.


Theatre Arts Academy

Explore different areas of theatre including acting, improvisation, playwriting, set design, costume design, and more! This residency is a great opportunity to discover the jobs in performing arts while building skills in communication and collaboration.


One-Time Workshops

Want theatrical and creative exploration without any long-term commitment? One-time workshops are the perfect bite-sized experiences to break up your virtual school day! Sensory Storytime, Internet Improv, Shakespeare, and Dancing Stories are all great options for one-time workshops.


  • 45-minute experience | $115
  • 60-minute experience | $125
  • 90 minute experience | $175


Policies & Pricing

Pricing & Payment Information:

  • Prices are based on a classroom size of 30 or fewer students. Class sizes beyond that will be split into two classrooms and charged accordingly.
  • One-time workshops cost a flat rate based on length of workshop.
  • If you are creating your own residency/workshop, prices will vary from those listed above. To request a quote, please email
  • Base fee of $225 for each residency classroom includes digital classroom set up, video editing for the final project or between-session activities, sharing rights to the student-created videos/final project, and the first hour of instruction. Each additional hour of instruction costs $75 with a minimum of 4 hour of instruction scheduled (6 hours for World Premiere).
  • Sensory Storytime, Dancing Stories, Adventures in Sensory Drama, Internet Improv, and Theatre Arts Academy includes class instruction and activities for in-between sessions to expand learning and further engage students.
  • Scientists’ Laboratory, World Premiere, Cell-abration, and Shakespeare culminate in an edited video of the students’ work. All rights to the video and students’ work belongs to the school and can be distributed by the school; however, CTC’s logo may not be removed from this video.
  • Payment must be completed on or before the first class session unless alternative arrangements have been made.
  • If canceled at least 1 week prior to experience, a refund minus a $100 fee for multi-day residencies or a $25 cancellation fee for one-time workshops.
  • No refund will be issued if the workshop/residency is canceled after the first session.

Virtual Workshop & Residency Policies:

  • Classroom teacher or school representative must be present or reachable during the virtual class session.
  • All online classes must abide by CTC’s online child safety policies and abide by the “rule of 3” so that no CTC representing adult will ever be alone with a student in a virtual space.
  • In the event of a medical emergency while students are participating in their residency, the classroom teacher or school representative is responsible for facilitating assistance and contacting parents/guardians.
  • While we are most familiar with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Flipgrid, these offerings can be facilitated on any technology platform your classroom uses and are specifically designed for virtual learning.