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Peter C. Brosius

Interview with Peter C. Brosius, Director of Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

Posted on December 15, 2023

Artistic Director, Director
Peter C. Brosius (he/him) has served as artistic director of CTC since 1997, directing the world premieres of Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches The Musical; The Last Firefly; Seedfolks; Animal Dance; and many others, all of which were commissioned and workshopped by CTC. Previously, he was the artistic director of the Honolulu Theatre for Youth and the Improvisational Theatre Project at the Mark Taper Forum.

CTC: What have you most enjoyed over the years about revisiting Grinch?
PCB: It is a powerful story, of hope, transformation and how a community can change and grow. It is filled with great humor, a huge heart and a wonderful theatricality

CTC: What has changed the most from your first production of Grinch?
PCB: Probably finding more and more nuance in the Grinch, Old Max, young Max and how the Who”s see and encounter the Grinch.

CTC: What are you most excited about for this season’s production?
PCB: All the changes we are making in the Grinch/Max relationship and finding new colors and a greater heart for the show.

CTC: Why do you think Grinch is such an evergreen story?
PCB: It is an optimistic story, it says we can all change, that we can all grow and that love and openness can triumph over fear and defensiveness. It is a tale where a child is the change agent and the one who helps a society transform and grow.

CTC: What has been most memorable about your collaboration with Reed Sigmund and Linda Talcott Lee?
PCB: They are such fun, such hard workers, so endlessly creative, so filled with ideas and thoughts and see things I don’t see and offer such brilliant suggestions and both have a fabulous sense of humor. They challenge me to think deeper, to explore more profoundly and observe each moment more critically.

CTC: What are your own favorite holiday traditions?
PCB: We love to celebrate a new culture every holiday with food, music, stories from that culture. It is a particular joy to make a meal that I have never made even though it can be a bit stressful and complicated.