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For our Community

Children’s Theatre Company is committed to building deep and mutually beneficial relationships with organizations and communities that illuminate connections, create common bonds, and transform lives to insure our theatre is a home for all people and all families.

Summer Storytelling

Bring Books to Life with Story Theatre

Join Children’s Theatre Company Saturdays this summer for an imaginative exploration of some of your favorite children’s stories. Discover how fun books can be with your family and friends. Professional teaching artists will lead you through an imaginative journey that is recommended for all ages and abilities. Free for all – just bring your imagination!


Two Locations!

Nolan Mains 50th & France
Edina, MN
Saturdays, June 11-August 27
10-10:30am & 10:30-11am

Peavey Plaza
1111 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
Saturdays, June 11-August 27
12-12:30pm & 12:30-1pm

Audiences at Children's Theatre Company

Act One

ACT One is CTC’s cohesive platform for access, diversity, and inclusion in our audiences, our programs, our staff, and our board. Three interdependent words of action guide our commitment to a future when our theatre is a home for all people, all families, reflective of our community: Access, Connect, Transform.


Concejo Latino

¡Bienvenidos! CTC’s Latino Community Access Program aims to welcome and increase participation of Latinos in our core audience, deepening our connection to the Twin Cities’ growing Latino community

Desde el año 2010 CTC ha recibido miles de miembros de la audiencia a las Noches Gratis para la Familia Latina en la Compania de Teatro Infantil, gracias al apoyo de la Junta de Arte del Estado y a General Mills. Para incentivar la participación, un concejo activo de familias Latinas y personal de CTC continuará esforzándose para seguir recibiendo a las familias Latinas, como así también brindando oportunidades para las mismas.

El Concejo Latino, CTC se reúne todos los meses con el fin de generar nuevas ideas como asi también para proveer al CTC con su perspectiva y opiniones sobre el desarrollo de actividades anteriores. Además se planifican futuras actividades y eventos que promuevan:

  • Construir y expandir la capacidad de CTC para servir a la comunidad Latina.
  • El crecimiento y participación de Latinos en producciones del CTC, audiencias , clases y talleres.
  • Incrementar y profundizar relaciones y asociarse con las organizaciones en la comunidad Latina.
  • Incrmentar la inclusión de más Latinos en el personal y junta directiva de CTC.

El Concejo Latino cree y sostiene que las experiencias artísticas de alta calidad a través de la Compañía de Teatro Infantil tienen el poder de generar un impacto positivo en los resultados académicos, sociales, y de salud en la juventud y sus familias en la comunidad Latina. Para más preguntas, o para unirse, póngase en contacto con Michael Winn –

Since 2010, CTC has welcomed thousands of audience members to free Latino Family Nights at Children’s Theatre Company, thanks to support from the MN State Arts Board and General Mills. To sustain participation, a council of active Latino parents and CTC staff will continue our ongoing efforts to welcome and provide opportunities for Latino families at CTC.

CTC’s Latino Council meets monthly as a focus group to generate new ideas and give feedback to CTC staff and to plan ongoing events and activities that will:

  • Build and expand CTC’s capacity to serve the Latino community.
  • Grow and cultivate participation by Latinos in CTC’s productions, audiences, classes, and camps.
  • Increase and deepen partnerships with organizations in the Latino community.
  • Increase inclusion of more Latinos on CTC’s staff and board.

The Latino Council believes that high quality arts experiences at Children’s Theatre Company have the power to positively impact academic, social, and health outcomes of young people and families in the Latino community. For more questions, or to join, contact Michael Winn at


LGBTQIAP+ CTC creates an inclusive, safe space by supporting awareness and visibility of the LGBTQIAP+ community at Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) while connecting LGBTQIAP+ families, youth organizations, school GSA’s, and Employee Resource Groups to CTC programs.

Community Partnerships

Children’s Theatre Company firmly believes that building authentic, long term, and mutually beneficial relationships is vital to building a just, equitable, diverse and inclusive community that will transform our audience, staff, board and the work we present on our stages. We partner with Twin Cities organizations to enrich cultural conversations, inform the arts we put on our stages, create bridges between disparate communities, and become a space where the boundaries that separate us can dissolve away.

African Economic Development Solutions

We are pleased to highlight our most recent community partner, African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS). AEDS builds wealth within African immigrant communities through economic development activities. AEDS works throughout the Twin Cities to create wealth, lift immigrant communities out of poverty, contribute to, and benefit from the region’s vibrant economy. To learn more about AEDS please visit



Audiences at Children's Theatre Company

Sensory Friendly Programming

Developed in partnership with the Autism Society of Minnesota, CTC offers Sensory Friendly performances and guidance to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for children and families with sensory, learning, and social disabilities.


Accessibility Services

Children’s Theatre Company is committed to ensuring that the transformative power of live theatre is accessible to all.


Theatre Arts Training


Theatre Workshops for Family and Community Groups

Does your group want to learn about acting? Work with a professional teaching artist for a 1-2 hour interactive theatre workshop. Available for groups of children or a multigenerational audience. Great for scout troops, birthday parties, or a community organization’s family night. 

Email to schedule.