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Technical Theatre Summer Camps

Technical Theatre Summer Camps

Posted on March 14, 2024

There are evidence-based benefits for student participation in the performing arts. Theatre education has overreaching positive effects on students’ academic, social, and emotional lives. It is equally beneficial for students to explore the world behind the scenes.

Technical theatre includes a broad array of creative design in which technicians use science, math, and engineering skills to support productions. Students who study technical theatre also build transferable skills such as leadership, communication, and collaboration.

CTC’s Summer Lab Program provides opportunities for teens to learn more about the technical and the creative side of theatre. Summer Labs are half-day camps designed for students who are interested in learning more about a variety of aspects of story making and design.

Theatre Arts Training Playwriting Camp

Playwriting │ 9am-12pm │ June 24-June 28
Learn the various aspects of playwriting including inception, character development, and formatting. Students in this camp will learn to cultivate their own voice and learn the techniques to shape a compelling story. The American theater is always looking for the next great story, and writers are the drivers of innovation.

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Theatre Arts Training Student Acting in Class

Directing │ 1-4pm │ June 24-June 28
This camp introduces students to the fundamentals of stage directing. Students will explore the full range of a director’s technique and responsibilities from pre-rehearsal to opening night. The director holds the primary vision and is responsible for unifying a production. More than just putting on a play, the director is the leader, communicator, and coach that oversees the process of bringing the play to life.

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Head Over Heels at Children's Theatre Company

Theatrical Makeup Design │ 9am-12pm │ July 22-July 26
Dive into the world of theatrical makeup design! Explore the techniques for old age, bruises, and fantasy make-up design. Learning the elements of theatrical makeup has career pathways beyond theater into film, television, and print media.

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Theatrical Wig Design │ 1-4pm │ July 22 – July 26
Spend the week with CTC’s Head of Wigs, Hair and Makeup, Andrea Moriarty to learn the art of making amazing headpieces and wigs out of unusual and found objects. This is a camp in which students can be as creative and as imaginative as possible.

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