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Karli Twedten, Director of Plays For New Audiences

Staff Spotlight: Karli Twedten, Director of Plays for New Audiences

Posted on April 12, 2024

We sat down with CTC’s Director of Plays for New Audiences, Karli Twedten, to ask her some questions about her position. Enjoy!

CTC: What is your role at CTC?
Karli Twedten: I am the Director of Plays for New Audiences which is the script licensing division of CTC! I started at CTC over 11 years ago as an education summer camp intern and never left 😊

CTC: What does your job involve?
KT: Essentially, my job is to help theatres of all sizes find the right story for their stage. I talk with community theatres, school drama clubs, and professional theatres across the country about the importance of multigenerational work, how to implement family programming in their season, and help them find the right play or musical to fit their unique needs. It is a bit of a matchmaker game considering the needs of the theatre and the scripts that are available for production. We have a catalogue of over 300 plays and musicals that were created by CTC, our artists, and artists we love so we have something for everyone! Some of my favorite stories that are available for licensing include The Snowy DayBalloonacyAkeelah and the Beeand Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress.

CTC: What is your favorite part about your job?
KT: I think my favorite part of my job is connecting with our incredible playwrights and book authors! There is nothing better than calling a playwright to tell them that their play will heading to another theatre. I also really love reading new scripts and finding the brand-new stories that are ready to be told onstage!

CTC: Where are CTC original scripts being done this this season?
KT: There have been over 70 productions of CTC original shows in the 24-25 season so far! These productions took place across the world from Rochester, MN all the way to Bucharest, Romania! Looking ahead, I’m really excited that Corduroy will be on Navy Pier with Chicago Shakespeare Theatre this summer, Last Stop on Market Street will be at Charleston Stage in winter 2025 and The Hobbit will be at Pittsburgh Public Theatre in spring 2025. It is hard to believe but I’m already having conversations about the future life for brand-new titles like Drawing Lessons or Milo Imagines the World which will both premiere at CTC next season!

CTC: Could you tell us a little bit about your trusty office assistant?
KT: Russell is my 1.5 year old Pug who is often found sleeping under my desk! He started to come to work with me when he was only 4 months old to help him socialize with other people, animals, and experiences he doesn’t get at home like riding elevators or hearing new noises from the rehearsal room. On a non-work day, he stays in bed until about 10-11am but, on days he gets to come to work, all I have to say is “ready to go to work” and he hops out of bed and waits by the door! He loves to watch the kids arrive for field trips, explore under the conference table during meetings, and greet everyone in the office. Everyone at CTC spoils him and we are so lucky to be able to spend more time together at work!

Russell the Pug