A Message to the Community 8/14/19

Dear Community Members,

We are gratified to announce the recent settlements of suits brought against Children’s Theatre Company by six individuals who were sexually abused by the former artistic director and two former employees, in the 1970s. The legal process for other plaintiffs is ongoing and we will continue to work toward resolutions that provide healing and justice.

In the meantime, earlier this month we at Children’s Theatre Company issued a statement—published concurrently with other Twin Cities performing arts leaders—affirming our commitment to join with the artistic community to combat and redress sexual assault and child abuse at CTC and in all the artistic institutions of our greater community.

A theatre’s purpose is to serve its community. Not only does the CTC of today and tomorrow have no place for abuse of any kind, we pledge to uphold the values of our community to the highest standard.

Like so many of you, we choose to work at and serve CTC because of our love of theatre and to help foster that same connection in the children of our community—to spark joy through art and performance. Any kind of abuse of children is abhorrent and goes against our core values.

To all of our artists, teaching artists, and staff at CTC: We reaffirm to you our commitment to address these historic wrongs, and are working on a significant list of action items both for now and the future. While some of our planned actions cannot be taken until legal proceedings conclude, others can and will begin immediately.

Here are just a few of our upcoming actions and events:

To those survivors who have shared their stories with us: We are so profoundly sorry. Your courage in sharing your abuse has challenged us to think more creatively about the strategies by which we can support and honor you.

You have inspired other survivors of sexual abuse to share their experiences with all of us. Your voices have brought this issue to the fore, and our community has been enlightened and forever changed as a result.

You have also inspired us. CTC is committed to establishing a Survivor Fund once the legal cases are all settled. This fund will represent one aspect of a new legacy for CTC—one that supports and honors survivors as well as the broader community for many years to come. Our vision for this fund is communal, survivor-centered, and restorative. We want to be thoughtful and inclusive, so we invite survivors and all members of the community to contribute your ideas to sur[email protected].

We are also committed to working with community leaders and practitioners who already engage in this work. Three weeks ago, CTC presented a check for $17,077 to EmpowerSurvivors, an organization that provides direct healing support and education for survivors of childhood sexual abuse and trauma. The donation is equivalent to a sold-out performance on June 16th of Matilda. We will continue exploring partnerships with organizations whose missions support survivors of sexual abuse as well as the prevention of child abuse. Our Director of Community Partnerships and Inclusion will be developing these over the fall.

We understand that it is not enough to unequivocally condemn child abuse today. We have to commit to healing and long-term growth, and we recognize we cannot do it alone.

We value the survivors whose stories help shape our actions.

We value the artists, theatre artists, and staff who will help guide us.

We value the organizations and institutions who are already committed to healing and justice, whose partnership will teach us.

We value our community who supports and encourages us.

We, at all levels of the organization, honor and are humbled by the strength, courage, and perseverance of those who have survived this or any kind of abuse.

We value your ideas, thoughts, comments, and questions. Please share them with us at [email protected].

Thank you,

Todd Noteboom
Chair, Board of Directors

Peter C. Brosius
Artistic Director

Kimberly Motes
Managing Director