CTC Rallies Early Childhood Leaders

After a recent performance of Balloonacy, CTC, led by Artistic Director Peter Brosius brought together a handful of influential advocates of Early Childhood Education in the Twin Cities community to affirm the vital need of quality preschool experiences for all children. Arts are a transformational tool in narrowing the achievement gap and CTC is thrilled to be a part of this important national cause.

Research continues to demonstrate that the arts have an enormous affect on children, including their social/emotional development and early literacy skills. The group discussed our world premiere play for preschoolers, Balloonacy. This play encouraged and responded to audience interaction. Unlike a conventional play, where the audience is expected to sit still and passively absorb the action on stage, Balloonacy was developed for preschoolers, a very vocal group! Children made suggestions to the actor, commented on the action, squealed in delight and offered condolences to the actor and each other during sad moments. This stimulated group collaboration and creative problem-solving. Educators who took their classes to Balloonacy had some fantastic things to say:

“I want to tell you how fabulous the show was and how much everyone enjoyed it! One of the teachers said it’s the best show for children she has ever seen.” – Cherish the Children, Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

Find out more at our Early Childhood Initiative page. If you are interested in early childhood advocacy, email Deb Girdwood, Access and Special Programs Manager, at [email protected]

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