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COVID-19 Policies & Precautions

What We’re Doing

  • Until all children have access to a vaccine, we will require masks for our audience and staff. The exception will be our performers, who will not be masked while on stage during performances. We anticipate that our performers over the age of 12 will have been vaccinated. An exception will also be made for patrons when eating or drinking in designated areas.
  • All CTC staff will have a health screening that includes a temperature check prior to each shift. There will be a designated COVID-19 safety officer at each performance.
  • Door handles, light switches, and other high-touch surfaces will be sanitized frequently with CDC & EPA recommended disinfectants.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be available for patron use throughout the lobby and entrance areas.
  • Limiting lunch space availability to 50% to allow for social distancing while eating.


What We’ve Already Done

  • The CTC building has been fitted with MERV-13 HVAC air filters to trap more contaminants and maximize the amount of fresh air circulating in the building. CTC is also installing IWave ionic air purification systems to all our HVAC systems.
  • All public spaces will be thoroughly cleaned nightly and between each performance, and staff will be sanitizing surfaces consistently throughout the day.
  • Touchless sinks, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and toilets have been installed to reduce high-touch surfaces in our bathrooms.


What We’re Asking You to Do

  • Ensure that students bring a mask to the field trip.
  • If possible, eat lunch at school or outside to avoid using CTC lunch space in which students eat in a collective space.
  • Purchase with confidence! In this uncertain time, we know that plans can change quickly. If circumstances change due to COVID-19, we are committed to rescheduling your CTC experience as soon as we are able to do so.


  • Submission of a Ticket Request Form is not a guarantee of a reservation. If CTC is able to accommodate your request, a Reservation Confirmation & Invoice will be sent via email within 2 weeks.
  • If you do not receive a Reservation Confirmation & Invoice email after 2 weeks, please contact CTC’s School Engagement Coordinator at to ensure your order went through.
  • A minimum group size of 10 is required to make and maintain a reservation for a Weekday Student Matinee performance.


  • All Student Matinee sales are final. Paid tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • CTC does not provide refunds or exchanges for unused tickets. CTC does not provide refunds or vouchers for anyone absent on the day of performance.
  • Tickets cannot be resold or given to anyone outside of your organization and cannot be resold for profit.
  • Lap passes are available for performances on the UnitedHealth Group Stage for students ages 3 and under. Lap passes are $5 each and can be purchased on the day of the performance.
  • Lap passes are NOT available for Bina’s Six Apples.

Final Numbers/Cancellation Deadline

  • You may drop seats from your reservation or cancel altogether until Final Numbers/Cancellation Deadline, six weeks prior to performance; unless payment has already been made.
  • After Final Numbers/Cancellation deadline passes, you are responsible for payment for all seats in your reservation.
  • Student tickets may be added at any time as long as seats are still available.


  • Payment is due four weeks prior to performance via check, credit card, or cash.
  • Reservations unpaid upon deadline may be released at CTC’s discretion and may forfeit any awarded transportation subsidy funds.
  • Returned ISF checks will be charged a service fee of $30. Future orders from that organization must be paid by credit card or cash.
  • CTC does not require a paid deposit to make Student Matinee reservations; however, groups that violate Final Numbers/Cancellation and/or Payment Deadlines may be required to make payment immediately upon reservation or lose Student Matinee eligibility.
  • Refunds will be issued only if CTC cancels a performance. Groups will be notified via email no later than 7:00am on the morning of your field trip if the Student Matinee performance has been canceled