Early Childhood Educator Trainings

Early Childhood Educator Trainings are led by Develop-approved trainers. We offer innovative and interactive trainings that apply to your learning record as well as towards Parent Aware training requirements! For more information, or to book your training now, email [email protected]

Improvised Storytelling & Storytelling Games
Participants will learn how and why to tell a story without using a book as reference, as improvised storytelling strategies are unpacked and explored. Games that encourage storytelling, on the part of teacher and student, will be shared and practiced. These techniques promote high-quality language use and practice.

Interactive Storytelling
Take class read-aloud time one step further by learning how to TELL stories and then give students an active role in the storytelling, by making it interactive. The theories behind this approach to teaching and learning, as well as research supporting its effectiveness will be explored. We will focus on how to ask effective questions and encourage children's reflection, which deepens the learning for both teacher and student.

Narrative Development Through Story
Participants will be invited into a nationally and internationally growing practice: collecting stories from students and then turning those stories into mini-plays for the classroom. This whole-class method not only encourages expressive language development (particularly vocabulary and semantics), and school readiness and works to build a positive classroom community. The history and far-reaching current practice of this innovative approach to celebrating kids voices will be explored, as participants learn how and why to launch this in their own classrooms.

Acting Out Stories From Familiar Books
Participants will learn specific strategies to turn a familiar book into a classroom play, staring all of the children in the class. Together, participants will explore how children benefit from this practice. Specific steps, question-asking strategies, and extension activities will be explored as the connections between this practice and common core standards are made clear.