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CTC has unveiled a brand new digital All Access Pass that includes all our upcoming digital productions, plus a monthly digest of at-home activities for the young person in your life, as well as for your entire family.

This digest will include creative play activities, mindfulness videos, recipes, theatre games, bite-sized lessons, activities to create theatre at home, and much more.

The All Access Pass is now on sale for only $50 and will provide content January through June of 2021!

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All Access Productions

February 8 – 21, 2021

Best enjoyed by all ages!

A Threshold experience
Created by Zoë Barry, Liz Francis, Nikita Hederics, Tahli Corin and Sarah Lockwood
These artists live and work on the land of the Taungurung people.

Come together for an immersive, off-screen theatrical adventure with Mountain Goat Mountainfrom Australia’s Threshold theatre.

This delightful, audio-led theatre experience for families to share in their home together features guided activities that help families create their characters, setting, props, and costumes before stepping into their own imaginative world. 

Mountain Goat Mountain will take you on a journey that bumps you out of the ordinary and into a world where you work together to uncover its secrets—exploring the forest and rivers of Mountain Goat Mountain and the depths of a mysterious cave. Take this time to make an adventure together that the Sunday Business Post called “An immersive online experience…perfectly pitched.” 

March 8 – 21, 2021

Best enjoyed by everyone 8 and up!

Adapted from the book by Paul Fleischman
Directed for the stage by Peter C. Brosius
Filmed by TPT in October 2014

A vacant lot in a broken neighborhood in the middle of Cleveland can become a lot of things. A garbage dump. A gathering spot for trouble. How could it ever be a source of hope?

In this stunningly-captured digital production of the play that The New York Times terms “a tour de force,” acclaimed actor Sonja Parks plays 11 different characters, including Ana, the nosey neighbor; Curtis, the weightlifter; and Kim, a young girl who plants six very special lima beans.

As the garden grows, so does the community, blooming into something bigger, better, and beyond all expectations. Don’t miss this groundbreaking show that toured across Minnesota, the United States, and in Cape Town, South Africa!

Spring 2021

Best enjoyed by all ages

A CTC World Premiere
Created by Autumn Ness
Directed by Reed Sigmund

Audrey is a 9-year-old girl…who happens to be the greatest filmmaker in the world!

Possessed by her ambitions and high standards, Audrey is egocentric, demanding, and hilariously extreme. Part Ed Wood, part classic Gilda Radner character, Judy Miller, Audrey creates whole planets, grand stories, music, and special effects…with no budget and no crew.

As Audrey shoots her masterpiece, she struggles with school bullies and constant creative setbacks (like getting grounded!). As she stages the climactic final battle, she uncovers the superpowers she holds within her.

'Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Musical' - photo by Dan Norman

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