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Virtual Performance FAQ


I have an All Access Pass; do I need to do anything special?

Yes! You need to pick a Seedfolks watch date; the date listed on your All Access Pass confirmation is a placeholder and will not allow you to watch the performance. To choose your Seedfolks watch date, please fill out this form.

Do I have to create an account to make a purchase?

Yes – our content is only accessible through an existing online account. You can create your account at time of purchase, if you don’t already have one.


There are multiple prices listed—is there any difference between the price points or is it the same show?

Nope, there’s no difference! Go ahead and choose the price that is most comfortable and appropriate for you, based on your household. If you would like to apply for our ACT Pass program that provides subsidized tickets for families that are traditionally excluded from professional arts experiences due to economic disparities and hardship, please visit our ACT Pass page for more information. Please be aware that ACT Pass application processing takes up to 3 business days.


I picked the wrong date; can I switch to a different one?

You can! Please log into your CTC account to request changes to your tickets.


Can I gift this content to another person?

  • Yes – please give us a call to purchase gift viewings over the phone! Gifts cannot be purchased online.
  • Or, you can purchase a gift certificate – the giftee can redeem it online for their Seedfolks viewing!

Access and Viewing

What platform is hosting this content?

This content is hosted on; you’ll access it through your Digital Content page.


Do I need to make a separate account with Vimeo to watch?

Only if you’d like to watch on a smart TV. Creating a free account with Vimeo allows you to save your content to your “Watch Later” list, which can be accessed via the Vimeo app on your smart TV.


Can I watch it on my smart TV?

  • The simplest way is to hook a laptop computer up to a smart TV with an HDMI cable – you can generally find this port on the side or rear of the TV. You can purchase a cable from most stores that sell electronics, including Target, Best Buy, Walmart or Amazon!
  • Or, find the Vimeo app in your smart TV’s app hub and download it to your device. You’ll need to set up a free Vimeo account so that you can add your content to your “Watch Later” list. You can then open up the app on your smart TV, find your “Watch Later” list in the “Library” section, and select your content there. Visit Vimeo’s Help Center for TV-specific instructions.
  • If you have a Chromecast, you’ll want to click the three little dots in the upper right hand corner of Google Chrome. In the pop-up menu, choose “Cast”, and then the name of the device to which you’d like to cast.


How do I add content to my Vimeo “Watch Later” list?

Click the “View Performance” button on your Digital Content page. Hover over the video and you’ll see a clock icon. Click that to add it to your “Watch Later” list! You can’t add the content to your Watch Later list until the day of your performance.


Will Closed Captions be available?

Yes! If you’re viewing on a browser, just hover over the bottom of the video screen and click the “CC” icon.


Can I use a Chromecast?

Yes; to cast to your television, you’ll want to click the three little dots in the upper right hand corner of Google Chrome. In the pop-up menu, choose “Cast”, and then the name of the device to which you’d like to cast.


How long do I have to watch my performance?

Your performance will be available from 12:00am to 11:59pm on your selected date.


How do I access my digital content on my viewing date?

You can access all purchased content through the Digital Content page of your CTC account. During your watch window, you’ll see a button next to your content that will allow you to watch. This link is available in your email confirmation, and we’ll send you an email reminder the day prior to your selected date!


How do I see what digital content I’ve purchased?

You can see a listing of your purchased content through either the Digital Content page or the Upcoming Events page in your CTC account.


Can I share the content with a friend? Can I invite others to watch with me?

Performances are priced per household view. We would love you to invite friends to watch the production, but would ask that they purchase their own household view. Vimeo doesn’t currently support any sort of ‘watch party’ functionality.


I’m having issues accessing the content but the ticket office is closed. Who can I contact?

We’re not available to assist outside of regular business hours, but you can call our main line at 612.874.0400 to leave a voicemail, or you can email We’ll get back to you during our regular business hours of Tuesday-Friday, 11am-3:30pm. If you’re not able to access your content during your watch window, we’ll make sure you get another chance to watch the performance! *We cannot provide any viewings of Seedfolks past March 28.