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May 7 - June 6, 2021

Best enjoyed by All Ages

This event has passed.

Audrey is a 9-year-old girl…who happens to be the greatest filmmaker in the world!

Possessed by her ambitions and high standards, Audrey is egocentric, demanding, and hilariously extreme. Part Ed Wood, part classic Gilda Radner character, Judy Miller, Audrey creates whole planets, grand stories, music, and special effects…with no budget and no crew.

As Audrey shoots her masterpiece, she struggles with school bullies and constant creative setbacks (like getting grounded!). As she stages the climactic final battle, she uncovers the superpowers she holds within her.

Created by Autumn Ness
Directed by Reed Sigmund

A Children’s Theatre Company Original Production

  • Tickets

    Pay What You Will - starting at $15

  • Run time

    90 Minutes

  • Best enjoyed by

    All Ages

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Things to know about the show

  • Audrey Saves the Universe is an original digital production created by CTC Acting Company member, Autumn Ness and directed by CTC Acting Company member, Reed Sigmund.
  • This production was inspired by the comedy styles of Gilda Radner and directing styles of Ed Wood.
  • Audrey Saves the Universe is presented in 7 episodes, each approximately 10 – 15 minutes in length. You will have access to all episodes immediately – binge all at once or spread your viewing over a number of days.

Cast & Creative


Audrey, Audrey's Mom

Autumn Ness

Kyle Crisp, Audrey's Dad

Reed Sigmund

Kimberly Berger, Young Kyle

Sawyer Sigmund

Young Audrey

Sullivan Sigmund



Autumn Ness


Reed Sigmund

Stage Manager

Jenny R. Friend

Audrey Saves the Universe

May 7 - June 6, 2021

This event has passed.