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Mainstage Musical Theatre Boot Camp (Grades 4 – 12)

Tuesdays 5 – 7:30pm

Tuition: $340 (Spring Only)

SPRING SESSION: April 6 – May 16

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Our Pre-Professional Training courses are for intermediate and advanced students seriously considering a future in the arts. Students will be challenged to expand their skill set in a disciplined and technique-driven atmosphere. Students are expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment and independence and will be held to a high standard for focus, work ethic, attendance, and punctuality.

Pre-Professional classes are either a nine-week class or a four-week intensive. Students are allowed no more than one absence in a nine-week class and are allowed zero absences in a four-week intensive. All Pre-Professional offerings will have required homework between classes, such as reading articles and scripts, memorizing lines or lyrics, doing independent research, or reviewing choreography. Students who fail to meet the expectations for attendance and homework will be dismissed from class without refund.

This fast-paced, multidisciplinary training program focuses on the in-depth musical theatre performance skills required for student actors performing at CTC. With an emphasis on learning, retaining, and performing choreography and song, this course models the rigor, dedication, and etiquette expected in professional rehearsal spaces. The age range of this course is intentionally reflective of the typical casting for professional productions at CTC, so students will be able to practice collaborating in an ensemble with a wide age range. Students are expected to have a foundation in basic ballet and jazz vocabulary and technique. It is pre-requisite that students have a mastery of pitch, breath support, and diction. Students will be held to a high standard for focus, stamina, and work ethic. Enrollment in this boot camp does not guarantee casting in a CTC professional production.

Class Days and Times: Tuesdays 5 – 7:30pm
Class ID: 242
Tuition: $340 (Spring Only)

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CTC is proud to offer need-based scholarships to ensure all young people have access to high quality theatre experiences.


Theatre Arts Training


Theatre Arts Training we make intentional choices in our classroom practices to make sure we are a welcoming space for people of all abilities, ethnicities, economic statuses, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Our staff have experience with activity modifications, in-class supports, and individualized plans to create a positive experience for your student.


Mainstage Musical Theatre Boot Camp (Grades 4 – 12)

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