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Interview with 'Bina's Six Apples' Playwright, Lloyd Suh

December 9, 2021

Lloyd Suh is the playwright for Bina’s Six Apples. This fictional play is inspired by his own family lore. In this interview, he talks about why he decided to tell this story and what motivated him throughout his writing...

1930s to Gen Z Translations

October 19, 2021

Each generation had its own special idioms or slang. We decided to translate some snappy 1930s slang, including some heard in Annie, into some dank Gen Z slang. Don’t miss out on Annie running Nov. 7,...

136 years of Annie

September 28, 2021

Annie has been a mainstay in pop culture since the 1930s, but did you know that the beloved story began with a humble poem written in 1885? Check out this timeline of key points in the evolution of this...

Light the Spark: Julia Diaz

September 28, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome Julia Diaz to CTC who will play the role of Ms. Garcia in our world premiere production of Something Happened in Our Town running February 27-March 27, 2022. Below we talk...

A Child’s Life in the 1930s Compared to Today

September 28, 2021

The life of a child in the 1930s was very different than a child’s life today. With the Great Depression, children and their families were greatly impacted—millions lived in poverty and had very little to eat, let alone money...

Moments that Defined the ’30s

August 30, 2021

Article by Tyler Quam Prepare for Annie with this historical timeline of the 1930s! The thirties brought tremendous change starting with the Great Depression. By the end of the decade, the world was at war. Read on to...

9 Reasons why Online Theatre Education is Awesome

August 30, 2021

Article by Ellie McKay Thinking of signing up for one of our fabulous Virtual Academy classes? Read on to hear why our Teaching Artists are enjoying interacting with students online! (Originally published on August 10, 2020)   

Sensory Exploration Creations

August 26, 2021

Article By Madeline Geier We hope you will have fun playing and exploring as a family at home. Please feel free to modify and adapt these activities to best suit the interests and needs of your family. Sensory Friendly programming is...

Three Indoor Imaginative Activities!

August 26, 2021

Theatre Arts Training shares three fun activities to build creativity and imagination — read on Article by Ellie McKay When you’re stuck inside, bring the fun indoors through creativity and imagination. We checked in with our fun...
Autumn Ness in ‘The Biggest Little House in the Forest’ | Photo by Dan Norman

Autumn Ness, CTC Company Member and Preschool Play Aficionado

November 26, 2018

Meet Autumn Ness and hear about her work with ‘The Biggest Little House in the...
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